My Song: In the Spring


Today dVerse has us writing songs. I just did this over at my other blog The Slow Forget. But, I didn’t write music. Just lyrics.

At the Poet’s Pub, the theme is Songwriting and its Relationship to Poetry.
I’ve said it over and over, the two are related. Our host, ,
mentions Pat Pattison at Berklee School of Music. Last year I attended a MOOC
n songwriting and Pat was the instructor. He emphasized Prosody: “appropriate relationship between elements, whatever they may be: melody and words, chords and message, rhyme scheme and emotion . . . .”

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. If you get a chance, I encourage you to take it with him.

The final project for the course was to take all the elements we learned and write a song. I chose to write a ballad. So, for you Pop lover or Rappers, this will put you to sleep.

Click the link. It will take you to my Sound Cloud page and it should just start playing. If not, click on those squiggly lines near the left side. I’m not a pro but I don’t think it will hurt your ears too much.

Here are the lyrics so you can read along:

In the Spring

by J.lynn Sheridan

Once or was it twice
you offered me your ring
and you said
maybe we’ll get married
next year in the Spring.

When the lilies open wide
you’ll be my pretty bride.
Next year in the Spring
you’ll be mine.

Well, a robin seldom tries to
sing on winter’s wing.
And a lady cannot marry
when she has  another dream.

So when the lily buds arrive
I cannot be your bride.
But, next year in the Spring,
I’ll decide.

For there’s a whole world calling me.
There’s a whole world for us to see.
Come with me.
Come with me.

Well, a man he has his pride
and won’t be tied to a string
when his heart desires to marry
next year in the Spring.

So, when the lily blossoms opened wide
you had yourself a pretty bride
and she wore your diamond ring in the
Spring by your side.

I cried the day our love died.
I cried she was your pretty bride.
Now you had your dream in Spring
and I had mine.



16 thoughts on “My Song: In the Spring

  1. A true song – it had a “greensleeves” quality to it – memorable, authentic, touching, ageless. Your singing conveyed the depth of emotion and the pull of two forces on the singer and just the right resolution in resignation at the end.

    I would love to take that class. I suppose it’s never too late to begin something. I should have done this work regarding songwriting years ago. I always hoped I could have been an audio, tech – music editor person working in Nashville in those years I was raising children, and being a wife. Later I went to work doing other things and the river of life led elsewhere. You should pursue it, if it’s your dream. You have real talent.

  2. really beautifully done…def recommend checking out the soundcloud…i had to refresh it a few times to get it to work, but it is well work hearing you sing this…gentle, something a little folksy…maybe that is the wrong word, but its well done….and nice voice too…smiles.

    bittersweet end with the other taking the man…nice repeat of the last stanza in the vocal version too…

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