Gift Ideas for Your Party Poet and Your Fashion Diva Poet



Today’s Gift Ideas continued.

Gifts for Your Party Poet: Poets are interesting people, too. We’re not just introspective introverted rhymie/form word nerds. Wrap these up with a poetry book or two and you’ll be your poet’s hero.

Magnetic Poetry: A Word Party game? I told you poets might not party like you. Throw the coolest dorkiest party in the neighborhood.

The Edgar Allen Poet: Truly, combined with some of the cookies you baked from the previous post, your results could end up on someone’s Pinterest quote board. (They make one with Shakespeare, too.)

Squirrel Poetry: If you knew how I felt about squirrels . . . (I’m adding this one just for fun)

Poetry Baseball Game: An electronic game to help your high schooler learn essential poetic forms and terms. Compatible with PCs and Mac OS X 10.5 or older. Perhaps not a group party game but just imagine the possibilities for your sporty poet.

Baby Einstein-Baby Shakespeare-World of Poetry: Throw a baby poetry party! Combines poetry with rich text and nature.

Or you could throw a Cowboy Poetry Party! This book is a romantic celebration of cowboy style, with poetry, anecdotes and colorful western art.

Or if you love Tuscany, throw a party filled with poems by Italian and American poets (in both Italian in English.)

The Fashion Poet: What to wear to the Poetry Party

Walking Cape: If you really want to impress, and money isn’t an issue, this striking walking cape is perfect for the poet who loves to stroll the hills and ponder.


Poets and Madmen Enamel Bracelet: Someone please send cyber hints to my husband. Love this! Here’s another one.

Handcrafted Jewelry - 'BE KIND' Quote Cuff - Poets & Madmen Enamel Bracelet

Dead Poets Nail Art Collection: Not my thing (I wash way too many dishes) but it’s an option for your young quirky poet.

NailNation 3000

John Keat’s Love Letter Charm Necklace: This is absolutely charming!

John Keats Love Letter Charm Necklace - Love Letters by Poets and Writers - Romantic Jewelry

Poet Tee’s: American Women tee shirt. And if you want to pick and choose, try: Trending Poetry Tee’s

Blue Poet Smock Dress How about an adorable poetry smock for your little girl (think: Emily Dickinson) poet?

Blue Poet Smock Dress by Pixie Lily

Infant tee’s: And, of course, we can’t neglect the baby Poets.

Future Poet Infant Bodysuit

Reminder: I’m just a gift idea collector not a paid spokesman.
If you need more ideas, you can find them here and here.

Next: A conglomeration of fun and quirky gift ideas.


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