Gifts for the Crafty and Foodie Poet

Today’s Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Crafty Poet

These are gifts for the poet whose love language is gifts of service.
The poet who melts into your arms when you labor just for him/her.

These are things you can make/craft for them.

1. Poetry Ornaments

Idea: Write your poet a poem (or copy one) Cut it into strips and curl into a glass globe.

2, Make a woven star from a poem

Idea: Weave folded vintage poem pages into a Christmas star. Some of us cringe at the misuse of books so make sure the book is truly on its last legs before tearing out pages. Better yet, print your poem onto some cardstock. If you actually succeed at this, please post a picture. I’d love to see this.

When you get the hang of it, make this one, too.

3. Record a Poem on the Poetry Foundation Page

(or use SoundCloud: Note: I’ve recorded on Sound Cloud only a few times It had something to do with a MOOC. It took the assistance of a nerdy teenager, but you’re probably smarter than I am.)

The Idea: Record your own poem or something that speaks to your poet’s heart. Print the url, put it in a jewelry box (along with something silver and sparkly) Wrap. SWAK

Gifts for the Foodie Poet—Yes, poems and food are romantic . . . if you’re trying to woo your poet, this is the way to go.

The Foodie Poet is the one who finds inspiration in food. Yummy.

1. Poetic Food Haiku

Idea: Write your poet a haiku about food. (Examples can be found at PoetrySoup.) Print your haiku on a card. Buy a basket. Fill it with whatever food item your haiku was about. Add the card.

Example: If your haiku is about bread. Line the basket with a new Chrismassy kitchen towel, fill the basket with a variety of (bakery or homemade) breads and your lovely poem. Tie a bow.

2. Poetry Reading and dinner.

Idea: If you have some drama experience and love to cook, visit the site Saveur and read through the article  “A Feast for Bards.” Choose one of the food poems and cook a meal according to what food the poem references.

Example: Here is a recording of Ben Johnson’s “Inviting a Friend to Supper.” The poem references olives, capers, salad, mutton, eggs, wine, pastry, cheese, fruit, etc. Go wild in the kitchen. Dress the part.

3. Go Culturally Poetic

Idea: Is your poet connected to his/her heritage? Find a poet from his background, search for a poem written by that poet. (find one you think your poet might enjoy.) Print it on a (nice) card. Bake something.

Example: I’m not Irish. But, I’m married to a guy whose heritage is Irish. And I just happen to enjoy Yeats so I would (if he loved poetry) print (or recite) a poem by Yeats and then serve up some of these goodies:

Guinness Chocolate Chip Cookies

No-bake Bailey’s BonBons

Irish Cream Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Just make these for me.)

Celebrate St. Patty's day with the new #cookie in town: #Irish Cream Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies from

Hungry now? Me, too. 

Next post will contain ideas for the Party Poet and the Fashionable Poet.

If you’re looking for something different, try here: Gift ideas for the Studious Poet

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