Upon Irish Daisies

Today on dverse, we write to the awesome artwork of German artist, Catrin Welz-Stein.

The Business men's Goodbye by Catrin Welz-Stein


Upon Irish daisies

For the thrill
of tossing back a dry
stout while adrift on the
towering pub in the sky,

For the thrill
of polishing the clouds
with his blighted dream of lush fields,

For the thrill
of cutting down rushes in
the southern lands of Drunganagh,

For the thrill
of casting the shadow
instead of standing in the shadow,

grandfather thieved the evil Lord Lucan’s
top hat

and blew away.


Dandelion fluff is also known as Irish daisies.
The Mister Sheridan is researching his ancestry.

True story. Sort of.





14 thoughts on “Upon Irish Daisies

  1. Casting the shadow rather than standing in it.. Painting the sky with dreams… These line took me on a journey. So it could be a reality???

  2. casting the shadow instead of standing in the shadow…think we all prefer that… ha…fun stealing that hat…fun..and cool that it’s based on a true story as well..

  3. ha, and i bet the stealing of said hat is a wonderful story of itself…
    i would not mind a bit of a stout myself right now…
    not to stand in the shadow of another, that would be motivation
    enough for me….

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