Sent with a Stamp.

Dear Gram

Where dVerse asks us to write a letter.

This is right up my ally. I saved all the letters my gram wrote to me while I was
in college. She’s been gone a long time now. My letter to her in no way implies
that I believe she can read this. It’s merely in honor of her.

P.S. I’m having trouble leaving comments with WordPress. Are you?


18 thoughts on “Sent with a Stamp.

  1. Nice vignette. I’ve often wondered what we think about when we can’t remember. Is it a room in our brain we seldom visited during our “normal” life?.

  2. Hmmm… I haven’t gotten any comments on my blog this week. But that could be totally random. 🙂

    I love the idea of writing a letter to someone who’s passed on. It is a special way of saying things you’d like to tell them even though they aren’t here anymore.

  3. Well, you made me cry. Hit a personal button. My own grandmother is 91, and alive but . . . her delusions were too bad to keep her living with me as of this past February. You manage to say so much, with such love and strength and positive energy. Really wonderful. Seriously. Thank you.

  4. This is moving, really moving – far more being said than is said, and what I’m reading there is so sad, heartbreaking…

    A most beautiful letter, love the way it’s presented too

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