Anaphora poem


in this old room.
Duel Voices.

His and Hers.
Scrawled in anguished blue.
Unvoiced and memorized—
Her Voice
the famished Voice—a choice bred
by the noises of slow ignores. His Voice,
the language of every voice that vanished
comfortably in time.


Our Lost Jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #2

“Today’s prompt is to write an anaphora poem. Also known as epanaphora, anaphora is the “repetition of a word [or words] at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses, or sentences.” A lot of poets consider anaphora just the repetition of the same word at the beginning of each line. However, anaphora can be a lot more diverse, and subtle, than that. Sometimes the poet uses the same word/phrase; sometimes they use one word for a while, and switch to another in the next section/stanza.”


9 thoughts on “Anaphora poem

  1. To me, this screams volumes of emotion condensed & composed into a short precision guided blast of intensity (His & Her Duel Voices) that pack a wallop of a lightning charge !! Outstanding !!

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