Writers Tell All

Secrets revealed.

I have been nominated by my pal and blogger extraordinaire  Carol Cooney (from my writer’s group Wordsmith Studio) to be part of the “Writers Tell All blog hop. Thank you,  Carol!

Participants are asked to answer three questions and then nominate three others.

What are you working on?

My first big reveal. This poetry gig doesn’t pay. It’s one of my creative outlets. I’m addicted to the mysteries of poetry. Yet, I firmly believe creating poetry is THE best way to learn how to write with intention, to write tightly, and to choose words carefully. I have a few other projects taking shape outside of the poetry world. One of my WIP’s is a novel. I was labeling it a dramady.  I guess “they” call it upmarket. So, since “they” know more than I do, I’ll go with their label. It’s in the revision stage right now.

My second WIP— I’m creating a program for writers and non-writers alike to assist them in uncovering their own valuable unique voice. I’ve learned a few things after reading books, magazines, etc. for the past five decades. Too many authors/writers box themselves into tones and styles of writing that sound more like robotic mirroring of text book prose or they “steal” a style from another author or they are simply afraid. Their writing doesn’t reflect their own selves, their personalities, their experiences and I feel they are doing the world and themselves a disservice by copying or hiding their Voice.  I’m considering Blogging the Book.

The third WIP is the brand spanking new website to reflect these WIP’s. I should just call it WIP in Action. But, “they” say I need to use my own name as a domain. So, that’s that.

How does your writing process work?

Different parts of the brain get fired up during different phases of writing so I don’t have a set process each day. Yet, I can say, I balance midway between being a pantser and an outliner when it comes to writing the story. I don’t need to wait for inspiration. After a brief prayer, I just write.  If I get stuck it’s usually because I need some filling—some aesthetic therapy. Or a Coke. Editing is another ball game. It’s taxing. It’s like molding plywood into the shape of a body. It’s puzzling. And seems impossible. But, when it finally takes shape, it’s satisfying.

Some people swear by writing morning pages as suggested and taught by Julia Cameron. I don’t. I feel like I need to write from within the tension. Perhaps writing poetry is my version of morning pages.

One more thing, I read more about the craft and business of writing than I do actually writing.

Who are authors you most admire?

Steinbeck has always been my favorite. I can’t write like him. I haven’t yet learned how to dig deep into the vulnerabilities of characters and present them as real people as he does. There are numerous other writers I admire for different reasons: F. Scott Fitzgerald, C.S. Lewis, Willa Cather, Cormac Mccarthy, Daphne du Maurier, Maurice Sendak, Tomie dePaola, Marilynne Robinson, Barbara Kingsolver, etc.

My nominations for Writers Reveal oops  . . . Writers Tell All are:

1. Paul Ellis We need to hear more from our guy writers at Wordsmith Studio.

2. Dana Dampier at Crazy Poetic Life I’m pretty sure if I was caring for three little boys, my poems would end up like sounding like Spaghetti O’s and Jello. Hers don’t.

3. Kris Swanguarin at Milk of Moonlight  Now that Kris is a metal head, it’s time to learn if that helps or hinders his writing.

Write ON!!!

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9 thoughts on “Writers Tell All

  1. Hi – I’m still laughing from the line that “poetry doesn’t pay” … I like to say that in writing poetry publicly I finally found a way to write something that pays even less than the self-help books I had written and published years and years ago. I am enjoying this blog hop 🙂

  2. I really like what you wrote, Jan.  Thanks for sharing your life, your plans, and your processes. Sure with I’d make more time to write… Love & prayers, Lynn


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