April Poem-A-Day

. . . . And we’re off.

April PAD Day 1/Prompt 1: Write a new arrival poem.

“White”white shoes, haloocyn

Yellow linened  lady,
third pew from the front,
Spring-ironed and Easter-pressed,

proud carnation straw bonnet dressed
upon wisps of grey and age,
a smile curled beneath pearl earrings and
a trickle of peachy rough.

In her white gloved hand a hymn
of rejoicing, in her pattering heart,
the sting of pride.

She taps the rhythm upon the oak
flooring with her spanking new
patent leather lily-white pumps
ignoring the hushing from behind.


This poem prompt is combined with WSS’s poem prompt to write about our own
Easter customs. In this case, I showed rather than tell about mine.
The new white gloves, the new white bonnets, the spanking new
white Easter shoes. And I showed it as I will be when I get old(er).

photo: stockxchge haloocyn


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