Rebirth Reflected


 “Rebirth Reflected”

I don’t know much
other than life is not so much
a circle but more like a mirror
and if we’re strong enough to give
wings and if we love big enough
to embrace the contrasts,
life emerges in symmetry.

This morning I bring your coffee
and worry about that cough.
Tonight I’ll make soup
and tuck you into bed
with a story.

I am you and you are me,
completing the contrast in




PAD Day 29: Write a birth poem

Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia


Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford 1sojournal


5 thoughts on “Rebirth Reflected

  1. You have inspirational insights to a world I will only partly know – through my mother-in-law. While I do have a ‘mom’ I love – she (the third actually) lives far away for me to be as interactive as you are. My birth mother passed when I was under three.

    I like how you and others find things for me, things I didn’t necessarily consciously plan the end result. The Muse just takes over and the words flow. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

    I hope we can continue to inspire each other. Cheers.

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