Deep eyes

Image 1sojournal Poem J.lynn

Written for PAD Day 23 Write a Deep Poem

Geode Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford


5 thoughts on “Deep eyes

  1. Thanks for your visit. I looked up geode and discovered that it starts with salt water on the inside…So that helped bring tears together in the piece. On my site is a page explaining the syllable counts of the short forms I used. While I understand there may be strict traditions concerning Japanese and American Japanese style poetry – I have always been a rebel and like to play with combining the forms.

    I can see your words through the eyes of my Mother-in-law. We think that while we consider some health issues minor – at almost 90, I can see that she is overwhelmed will several challenges at once. And we are starting to see more and more the repeated questions and answers that where just had only hours ago in conversation.

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