How to Age

         “How to age”

I start my car and see her,

she is standing in the doorway waving

         like a child waves

when parents leave for a weekend away.

I know her wave is saying don’t leave me

alone with him. He has hurried inside the

house. I spied him piling some of her

stuff into my trunk, the stuff he doesn’t want,

         his way of saying

I’m sending her with you and

I don’t want you to leave me alone with her.

I back down the driveway

        feeling so very old

              so very very old.


Written for PAD
Write a How to


3 thoughts on “How to Age

    • I write to connect with others, it’s not so much the pain but to record the journey, the ups and downs. So, that I can see where we have been in all this. Thank you so much for your insight and kind comments.

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