Hidden Lavender Promise

Poem-A-Day 12


Hidden Lavender Promise

The sunset seems to loom
a moment longer every day,
another confusing belief,
another lost evening,
tales of births and deaths
bewildering quests.

If only for a panacea vortex

to restore your memory
and the light of your smile.

—oh, fairest
of them all—

for you sequined in a
hidden mirror of lavender
and pearls,

tempted to eschew saged
medicine when fantasy is just
as real.


Written in response to:


Hidden Lavender Promise
Manipulated Photograph by Elizabeth Crawford

Writer’s Digest PAD

“Write about a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist but that should. It could be a tribute to something that came to be because of a writer’s imagination.”

Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia and a dream for something simple to restore memory.


6 thoughts on “Hidden Lavender Promise

  1. I suppose photographs could be the memories that have been saved, or even love letters that are bound in ribbons? I see commercials for the new artsy type computer programs that let’s you print your work from an I-pad or some such – modern Etch A Sketching?. While I will honor all art, their is something to be said for holding actual brushes in ones hand…

    Hugs from here too…

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