When he is gone


         “When he is gone”

Who will brush the steely sunspots
from your eyes when he is gone?
When night ascends and wandering
thoughts loop through dungeons dark
and pungent?

Who will sound the battle cry when
“take ye in remembrance of me” is
no longer your joy?

When he is gone and when evil shakes
you awake in the night and you don’t
know where you are, and you don’t
know who you are, who will wrap you
in lace and kiss you upon the wings of
heaven’s gate?



Written for PAD Writer’s Digest
”When he’s gone” prompt.

Photo: Steel and Lace


5 thoughts on “When he is gone

  1. Laced words and steely determination. Many different images come to mind. Mostly though of an ancient armored warrior, finally home – yet so very distant, mentally. Once out of war it seems the fight to live changes.

    I was surprised to find out after watching a show about Civil War re-in-actors that men, often the high ranking soldiers also wore corsets. The first ones made for women I think used whale bone. I also remember seeing some wonderful Asian fans that when you flipped or tripped a button – each rib sported a nasty little blade.

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