In Search of the Portal

Today’s PAD is written in response to  PAD Day 5: Write a text message poem and 1sojourner photo prompt. Photo:The Portal Manipulated Photograph by Elizabeth Crawford.

Reminder: All my Poem A Day posts will deal with Alzheimer’s or dementia or the
caregiver in some way. 

Note:There are times when you need to keep things light or the heaviness will surround you. There are times when caring for an Alzheimer’s or dementia impaired loved one is best handled by entering their world with them. There are times when you just don’t know what to do.


In Search of the Portal

10: 11 p.m. D: Help.
10: 12 p.m. M: What’s wrong?
10: 13 p.m. D: We r at the park but she thinks she is at Grandma’s.
10: 14 p.m. M: What r you doing?
10: 21 p.m: D: Looking for dogs.
10: 22 p.m. M: Did you tell her they died fifteen years ago?
10: 25 p.m. D: She doesn’t believe me.
10: 30 p.m. M: Pretend yur in Chicago and it’s 1997.
10: 42 p.m. D: Grdma would be alive.
10: 42 p.m. M: She doesn’t know that. Just portal her back there.
10: 43 p.m. D: ????
10: 44 p.m. M: OMg. Just tell her I have the dogs then.
10: 46 p.m. D: FOUND THEM!! 
10: 47 p.m. M: ???
10: 49 p.m. D: JK. 
10: 50 p.m. M: LOL. I didn’t know you knew text lingo. GTG.
10: 53 p.m. D: Old dogs do learn new trix. GTG???
11: 17 p.m. D: Still at park. U up?
11: 27 p.m. D: Wake up. . . where’s the portal? !!!!


8 thoughts on “In Search of the Portal

  1. Thank you for your kind comments on my verse for this image. I tend to write in the morning. And perhaps the depths of dreams was still with me on this one. My muse varies her voice frequently.

    Unfortunately WP and Blogspot do not play nice when leaving comments. Do feel free to e-mail me any time and if you’d like I can transfer your comments to the blog that way.

    Our family has had to deal with dementia and Alzheimers, and it is an on going issue. I admire your fortitude for writing about this subject all month. I can say though that I’m not up on all the text lingo. But I did enjoy your entry for this image because I believe I can sympathize with you.

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