In the Eye

the coffee is bitter
but I sip it anyway
she opens the needlepoint
on her lap and says
she’s going to finish it.

some day, she is alone in
the company of self,
hurricane sandy is sweeping
the ocean, the TV drones in its hardness
of reporting,

and she is stuck in the eye of the
needle attempting to thread gold

and I am watching her
moment by moment.


Written for Writer’s Digest PAD day 3 prompt—write something scary
and for 1sojournal’s PAD prompt—photo prompt

All my November Poem-A-Day offers will be written under the
umbrella of watching my mother descend into the clawed sands of Alzheimer’s.


8 thoughts on “In the Eye

  1. We are sharing this watch, of both my mother and mother-in-law. Though one is late 70’s and the other nears 90…they seem to be in the same place. It is hard when you cannot be close, and it is hard when you are close.

    Hugs to you.

  2. So sad JLynn. So very sad and brave of the narrator of the poem. Is it you? I just bought the newest Terry Pratchett book today and he’s facing the same descent. That is a lovely fractal image. I have a thing for fractals.

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