November PAD

While I continue to stumble through Submit-O-Rama (only four more days left)  and MoDPo, (we are learning about the New York school of poets) I want to remind all poets that the Writers’ Digest November Poem-A-Day challenge is right around the corner and everyone is invited to play.


Meanwhile, feel free to use my Autumn photo as inspiration. Poem On!



3 thoughts on “November PAD

  1. NovPAD for sure with Robert, signed up as a NaNo rebel (yeah, baby!), and time to start Christmas shopping for family living overseas. Oh, and I’ve not bought Halloween sweets yet. Tomorrow probably. That way I don’t eat them all. 🙂

  2. Egads JLynn, NaNo, plus Nov PAD!?! Can I possibly do it or is it a set up for failure? On the bright side, you must be having a blast with MoDPo. Chloe is just beginning a long dissertation (3rd year uni) on Carol Ann Duffy and I’m feeling slightly like I want to do the research work for her. What fun that’s going to be. (With her…I meant with her…yeah, that’s it)

    I just realised that outside of Wordsmith, very few people are going to understand this comment…lol 🙂

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