Cantering on Three Horses

All at the same time.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this race.

Are you participating in Our Lost Jungle’s October Challenge:  Submit-O-Rama?


UPenn’s Coursera class with 30,000 other folks at ModPo?


writing or editing a WIP? (Work in Progress)?


gearing up for Poetic Aside’s PAD—November (Poem-A-Day challenge with Writer’s Digest Editor Robert Lee Brewer.) ???






7 thoughts on “Cantering on Three Horses

  1. Heavens you guys are great! I’ve just picked up my paint brushes to try to get over things. I really want to do the Khara October-rama but not sure I have the courage. Way to go JLynn, Lori and Misky.

    1. I do know what you mean. I haven’t had the courage to submit in the past so I’m jumping on this saddle. There will be others. Or just try to do one a week to get broken in, see what its all about. I sure would love to join you with your brushes!

  2. I *hope* to do NovPAD, continue with uPenn ModPo course, do Khara’s challenge but aim for weekly rather than daily, and still find time to clear my head of unnecessary thoughts. The latter takes a lot of time. 😀

  3. My horses of the Apocalyptic October are… Khara’s Uber October, Jane Ann’s a year-a-day memoir challenge (1-25), WIP (goal to finish 1st sh*%ty draft), launch Lara Britt Writes as a local biz. Hoping you achieve your Trifecta with great speed or at least with much enjoyment, Janice.

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