Lost words

Take the pieces of your day, wrap it in cotton, saturate it with rubbing alcohol and set it on fire.


I offer you the mind of one who suffers with 
dementia. Follow me as I follow my mother’s journey
into this insipid disease so when your turn comes,
you will know.


“Lost words”

Judge her not—
for loss of familiar

words in her runaway time—

mislaid time is no time for tucking words
away into her lost mind,

but time is all she has—this rare day
she finds lost beauty praised

while lost sorrows increase
time and time again

I glance into tomorrow’s certainty
of lost words
and hug her
against my soul.


Written for Poetic Asides Wednesday prompton Memory

and for Poets UnitedVice Versa

Familiar/Rare & Diminish /Increase & Doubt / Certainty


4 thoughts on “Lost words

  1. Jlynn,
    Have you ever thought of putting your Alzheimer’s writings, musings, poetry into an anthology? I think your insight and expression of things so many feel but have not got the gift to articulate would be a benefit to many. Often we need help to mourn. We need someone else to put into words the things we feel and the emotions with which we struggle. When someone does so, we can say, “Yes. That is how I feel. That is what I miss. This is why I am so sad.” And in recognition and expression lay the seeds of understanding, acceptance and healing. People need words, and not everyone has them. I encourage you to find a way to share the gift you have with others who struggle with the devastation caused by AD, but suffer in silence. Share your voice with a wider audience.

    I know it is easy to say “Share your voice” and a whole lot harder to find a way to do that, beyond the blog. But you truly have a gift. Lots of people write about stuggles with AD. Very few touch my heart and mind the way you do.

    1. Susan, I am overwhelmed by your kind words. Coincidentally, or not so much, I had thought to put together a personal book for family only–those who don’t live close enough to capture the last of my mom’s coherant life. You have offered me food for thought and I will definately keep this in mind as I record my own observations, yearnings, and feelings of loss and frustration. When that time comes to wrap them all up in book form, if that time comes, I would be honored if you would write the forward. (?)

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