Morning lullabies/A Triquatrin


“Morning lullabies”

Songs of grace that lace the dew—
a morning lullaby
to paint upon a sun so quaint
with just a touch of shy

she swims in color free in voice
to wake a sleepy town
embossed in frosty rays reserved
for silvered emerald crowns.

Dapple me in apple reds
and sing of heated love
until the moon festoons the night
in vineyard arch above.

I swim in moonbeam’s gleaming
night of painted rivers light
where wine abounds in silky time
until the dawn delights.


and also for We Write Poems: COLOUR US A POEM


5 thoughts on “Morning lullabies/A Triquatrin

  1. That poetic blooming prompt gave me a lot of trouble, so I’m delighted to read a perfect example of the Triquatrain, and the lovely colour in your poem is a bonus.

  2. Wow! I really love this. I hate to see wonderful work like this sit without comment, so here’s mine. I absolutely adore this poem. 😀

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