5 short reasons to Estivate

Five Reasons Why You Might Want to Estivate

1. Because estivation is a cool word and fun to say.778992_80414179

2. Because the basement is a cool place in every sense of the word. (It’s just me and the cute little guineapig.)

3. Because sometimes we need to placate the wounded warrior where our  poetry resides.

4. Because sometimes we need to hide from the heat of life.

5. Finally, because estivation allows us to look at things from the bottom up.


Estivate – sleep during summer; “certain animals estivate.” Free Dictionary

“Estivation is another form of torpor, dormancy, or “sleep”. Animals that estivate are trying to escape things happening in their environment.  Just as animals hibernate in order to stay alive in cold places, animals estivate [or aestivate] in hot, dry places. The bodies of estivators will slow down. Breathing and heartbeat get very slow. When hot and dry times come, estivators will find themselves a safe place to sleep–usually underground.” thinkquest.org


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