Single Impressions

“Single impressions”

Mine was that we were Scarlet
Macaws nibbling on the mineral-
rich clay walls in the Amazon,

entwining our single legs along
cliff basins, shredding the hard
facades we each wore with one

voice of belief. This I believed,
this I impressed upon my heart
and friends, one echo together,
two singing as one.

Until one became three,                       
a hidden nibble here and
there, two pair of entwined

legs swimming with
pink dolphins, one bedded with
painted monkeys, one fishing for

piranhas in black-water huts
while my sheets, soaked in the
sleep sweat of blood-sick, bone-
sick, home-sick, disintegrated
in the heat of secrets.


Written for Poetic Bloomings #65_: BETRAYAL

and Reverie 29 Naming Constellations: DIY


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