Thinking about Thinking (Weird Poets/Normal Earthlings)

This is going to be short.

Super short.

Because thinking time is short.

Because attentions are short.

Because we have too many other things to think about that keep us away from thinking about poetry. Normal earthlings don’t think about poetry. And if they do it is only when they are cleaning the bathroom to keep their minds off . . . okay, that’s enough of that.

Last Normal Earthling/Weird Poet (See Round I and II and III for review or just review the list)  I left off at the struggle for contemplation. Or lack of it because one our poets said that people don’t want to think anymore and that is one reason they don’t read poetry.

According to the FreeDictionary (which I love) “contemplation is thoughtful or long consideration or observation.”


Thinking means: “to have or formulate in the mind.” (And then there’s a whole ton of other definitions you can read and ponder.)

As best as I can see it, contemplation piggybacks on thinking.

So, getting back to the idea that people don’t want to think anymore idea, this is an incalculable concept. I can’t have a month of thinking, or a teaspoon full of thoughts, or an ounce of reflection.

Poetically speaking, I can. In the measurable math world, I can’t.

But, we all think. We all contemplate. About something–our to-do lists, our Weight Watcher Points, the score of the Cub’s game (only because the Cubs have no enemies), the cute sandals on Zappo’s, how we are going to split the name TomKat, and why the heck do the Olympic beach volleyball players wear headbands to cover their lady parts? (rhetorical.)

We can choose our thoughts like I said last time.

But, if we don’t have TIME like people say, how can we think or contemplate about poetry?

. . . oh, wait, I get it.

No time. Therefore, no thinking.

No thinking; therefore no poetry.

Then what is everyone so busy doing?

We’re busy not thinking?

Maybe, we poets are weird after all. I think I’ll talk about that next time.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Thinking (Weird Poets/Normal Earthlings)

  1. I love it! I want to be allowed a teaspoon of thought as an excuse! It should be a rule; esp. for us weird poets. 🙂

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