Tomorrow, I’m starting with a bang. The random survey results on why normal earthlings hate poetry are in! But for today, a reblog of Lara Britt’s recent post highlighting several poets who participated in the My Name is Not Bob April Platform Challenge.

Writing Space

Special Addition: MNINB Blogroll

Categories are helpful, but also problematic. My next round of Not Bobbers defy the tight restraints of singular labels. In my mind, they are primarily poets even as they are adept at more than one form of writing, even as their subject matter and their biographies lend themselves to alternative groupings. Many of them have connections and friendships that pre-date the April Challenge. The more I discover, the more fluid the boundaries become. Which again to my mind means that creativity is at play here, and how bad a thing can that be? Mind you?

What will follow over the next week or so is an annotated blogroll. My space is limited, but I strive to give you a taste of what you are missing by not subscribing to these talented writers, poets, and artists.  I hope you love getting to know my fellow Not Bobbers…

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