The trouble is in the forgetting

PAD 27

“The trouble is in the forgetting”

 I want to forget that she forgets
these days or she makes up
for a quiet moment,
she knows something.

She says she knows her mind
is somewhere
but she doesn’t know
where; as if the world
is hiding
from her.

Women's breakfast 001

When I look into her eyes
I see a fading,

a long twinkling fading
her childhood
of chase, enrapture,
longing to be known and to know.

She asks if she’s my mother
but I am

right here beside her.


8 thoughts on “The trouble is in the forgetting

  1. This reminds me of the saddest day of my life last year when I went to visit my father and he did not recognize me. This is extremely poignant, touching, and real and I certainly can relate!!

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