“Something’s missing”

Something’s missing alright.

For the My Name Is Not Bob writer’s platform challenge that is also taking place during the month of April, we are supposed to link something to our blog post today and guess what? I didn’t. I have a missing link. (haha)

So, for those of you who are so inclined to join in the challenge here is the link to the MNINB blog where I get my platform challenges:

For today’s post, click here: My Name Is Not Bob.

And in honor of my missing link, I have another poem for the PAD Challenge today just because . . .

“Something’s missing”

In the night, a silence spills forth—
sorrow and sharps, flat dreams and
love lost—the melody of the troubadour

whose fingers flutter like hippy gauze
above his strings, singing of musky love
and heartache and delight but some-

thing is missing.

His voice is low and heavy in the
stale air as he sings of himself—a
passionate smuggler of lyric and
rhyme, the music tumbling onto a
breeze then falling under the earth.

The silence of the night spills forth
a song of its own knowing that a love
song without a beating heart dies and
a broken soul taunts no man to pleasure.


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