“An early luncheon on the veranda”

Day 7
One week down. Three to go. Yay!

The prompt today was to write a poem where two or more people interact without talking. I decided to not be so serious today and take the suggestion of my daughter about what to write.

“An early luncheon on the veranda”

She wore one of those bonnets
with the netting over her eyes

and a daffodil yellow silk tied at her
neck to keep her sunspots covered.

Missy Maycie kept her cotton-
gloved pinky in the air as they

sipped sweet iced apple juice tea
from doll sized teacups enjoying

an English high tea at ten-thirty
in the morning. Grandpapa opened

the screen and served a plate of
silly greens leaving a little something

extra behind.

Missy Maycie’s cottoned pinkies drooped.
Great Granny tucked her nose under

her silk, her brimming eyes smiling at
Missy Maycie’s crinkled up nose and
sweet t’hee t’hee hee snicker.


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