“In the end”

April challenge Day Six

First off, happy birthday to my dad.

Second, today in the challenge we were told write a Hiding Poem. Me hiding, you hiding, a hidden object, a hidden meaning, a hidden agenda. Which way would go with this one?

Here’s mine:

“In the end”

there are
but eleven in a
glass sea of beliefs–
dragons holding hands
with Lewis’s Jeweled Unicorn
in The Last Battle, a Roman Diana
bathing with Apollo and the beast, lotus
and fire, slayings and false tongues—if there are but nine
fearing the pillar of salt, unwilling to whisk dreams and gods
and paradises into ONE and only ONE . .
if there are but seven drifting like
cinnamon in yeast manna,
fading two by two into
despair, will you
help us find
each other
in the


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