“Almost an apology”

Day Three of April 2012 PAD

It’s a two for Tuesday–Write an apology poem or an I’ll never apologize poem. By the way, this is an international challenge. Folks from all over the world participate. You can post your poem or just peek in to read some outstanding writers. I can’t hold a candle to them. Here’s the link for the Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge:


“Almost an apology”

I know you didn’t dream of scrapping and scrapping
and smoking out rolled dollars for a living in your
roasted yellow-stringed boots. You are no one’s savior,
no one’s Batman, but you stood tall as a sobbing rotting
grew around your core, the rotting I watered with my
bare-knuckled girlie tongue until moss grew up your
brass sweatshirts—

a shame I drink daily
as we sit at our tilting table,
me waving a paper flag,
you sipping on my pride.


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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