“The visitor”

April 2012 PAD Challenge is on!

How it works: Head over to Poetic Asides, read the morning prompt, get out that dog-eared Synonym Finder by Rodale (so much better than a dull thesaurus) and climb on board for the poeming adventure of your life. It started yesterday, but I don’t post on Sundays so even though I did write a poem yesterday, I am starting my Poem-A-Day with day two’s prompt to write a visitor poem. No form requirements for this one. Just free-write a poem and post it. I just checked yesterday’s postings and there were over five hundred responses. That’s a lot of poets gathered in one blog.

Here’s mine:

“The Visitor”

He feeds his Pug marshmallows
like he still feeds himself Marlborough
butts and stares at the splintered face
under the fogged glass. Anyone can see

the scowl, it’s a long ache, the kind that
worries family in that he’s so thin, she comes
to freshen his soft prism of memory
with sunshine and ointment, kisses

the familiar photo, patting his back, counting
the aging ribs, the hollow spaces in his
gums, she hikes up his socks and trousers,
clips his whiskers, and reminds him she’ll

be back tomorrow for another visit.

(photo courtesy of stock.xchang)


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