“The one last thing”

Here is the last poem before the challenging month of April when poets all over the world are challenged to write a poem a day prompted daily by Robert Brewer, whose name is not Bob, on the Poetic Asides blog. This is a grueling crazy wild fun ride. Come join us for the poeming ride of your life. Our prompt today was to write a “one last thing” poem. A one last thing before we do the one more thing. Sometimes I do get sentimental. Sorry Mr. Writing Teacher from so long ago. Sentimentality has its place.

“The one last thing”

Before we call it a night,
I slather almond oil on
your swollen shoulders
speckled and pocked with
saw dust and shingles.

Ten thousand pounds
of our world hang upon
your Atlas shoulders,
ten thousand shipwrecks,
ten thousand worries,

including mine.


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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