Gifts to Nurture Your Poet Self

 Gifts to Nurture Your Poetic Self

christmas-1386273280gxJGeorge Hodan

When your friends and family just don’t understand how your heart aches for more poetry, more books, more literary love, click over to these sites and smile.

The Chicago Manual of Style Favorite Things 2014

The Manual is posting “twelve days of the people, places, and things that made our lives a little better in 2014.”

10 Great Titles for the Poet’s Wish List

A Huffington Post article lists some great poetry books.

Daniel Mark Picture Poems

A great place to shop for personal poems. Beautifully framed.

Gifts from Literary Luminaries

A Jane Austen Umbrella

Yep, you read that right. So cute!

umbrellas with Women Artists: featuring Cassatt, Morisot, Kahlo and O'Keeffe

A Microfiber Bag with Caricatures  of Women Writers

famous women writers book bag

Who wouldn’t want this bag? It’s crazy cool. Some day I want my face on a bag. I just made that a goal for my bucket list. Meanwhile, my plan is to buy this bag and fill it with poetic treats. Along with a cup of cocoa and some ginger snaps, I’ll be nurturing my poetic self this season.

So, what’s on your poetic Christmas list?

Advice from The Writer’s Aims

In honor of Poem-A-Day Month, I decided instead of posting my poems here every day, I’ll post quotes about poetry or advice for poets from the ancients.

This week I’ll focus on Horace Ars Poetica, or “The Art of Poetry,” which is a poem written by Horace c. 19 BCE. It consists of 476 lines containing nearly thirty maxims for . . . poets.

Horace advises poets to read widely, to strive for precision, and to find the best criticism available. He councils that a poem demands unity, “to be secured by harmony and proportion, as well as a wise choice of subject and good diction.” (wiki)

The following advice is from On unity and harmony:

The Writer's Aim

Great Advice! What does this mean to you? How can a subject be too heavy for our shoulders? What can we bear or not bear to write about?

To read more about Horace visit

Do you PAD?

Are you ready for some poetry fun?

(She’s having fun. I promise!)

j4p4n_Thinking_Woman_-_7November is Poem-A-Day Month.

Gather your metaphors, brew some coffee, stuff the leftover Halloween candy under your couch cushions, (You’ll need a sugar jolt now and then) and join the poetry party.

All month.

You’ll meet some outstanding poets and read some phenomenal poetry. It’s a mental and emotional challenge. If you haven’t participated in PAD, why not?

Join Us!

Starting tomorrow!




This short form was developed by Enta Kusakabe in Japan and translates literally to “five-line poem.”

Pretty much, that’s it. Five lines.

Give it a try.

Here is one I wrote:

wall-clockPiotr Siedlecki

Photo: Piotr Siedlecki Public Domain


The clock always
tells me the truth.
You offer  hours of excuses.
This little joker
keeps ticking.

c. J.lynn Sheridan 2014